Mediterranean Nourish Bowl

I love roast vegetables – whether it’s winter or summer, I will be eating them. I just love the way they go slightly crispy on the outside, but juicy and gooey on the inside. Here I’ve created a simple and tasty meal by pairing them with my creamy Coriander and chickpea purée and some salty grilled halloumi for some healthy fats and protein. This nourish bowl should leave you feeling comfortably full and not at all bloated. If you want to increase the protein and carbohydrate content of this meal, try serving this with lentils or quinoa. This is great for a quick dinner as it’s easier for the body to digest cooked food in the evening and it will help you to sleep better. I find this is best enjoyed warm and straight from the oven, but it also makes a great packed lunch too.



A helping of my Coriander and chickpea purée

A helping of my Spiced Mediterranean Roast Veg

A couple of slices halloumi cheese


1.) For the halloumi: Line the grill with some baking parchment and grill the halloumi on high for 3 minutes on each side until crispy and browned.

2.) Serve in a bowl with the chickpea purée and roast vegetables. Enjoy!

Lauren x



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