Warm Aubergetti, Cauliflower and Chard Salad with Sesame Miso Dressing

This Asian-inspired salad has an amazing combination of flavours, and the Sesame Miso dressing will help to boost digestion. As “Courgetti” has been in the limelight for so long now, I thought maybe I should try to create a noodle version of another one of my favourite vegetables- the aubergine. So, introducing “Aubergetti”: This salad is best served warm, but it’s delicious cold too.



Serves 6 as a side



2 garlic cloves, peeled and diced

1 head cauliflower, chopped into florets

2 aubergines

100g rainbow or regular chard (Or another type of leafy greens, such as spinach)

2tbsp coconut oil

Fresh chilli, chopped, to serve

Fresh coriander, to serve

2tsp sesame seeds, to serve

For the Sesame Miso Dressing:

2cm-piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated

1tbsp dark miso paste

3tbsp hot water

1tbsp toasted sesame oil


1.) Start by spiralizing the aubergines. Use scissors to cut them into shorter noodles so that they’re easier to eat. If you don’t have a spiralizer (get one- I’d recommend the Hemsley Spiralizer) then finely slice the aubergine instead.

2.) Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan and add the garlic and cauliflower. Sauté for 5 minutes.

3.) Add the aubergine noodles to the pan and cook for a further 10 minutes.

4.) Start to make the dressing. Mix all of the ingredients together and set aside.

5.) Add the chard to the pan and sauté until it wilts.

6.) Transfer the contents of the pan to a serving bowl and top with the fresh chilli, coriander and sesame seeds. Drizzle over the dressing, and serve immediately.


Lauren x



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