Recommendation: Local Motion Studios

A few of you might remember that I shared a post on Local Motion Studios when they were celebrating their first birthday, quite a while ago. I now regularly do the classes at Local Motion, and I enjoy them so much that I wanted to share with you what it’s all about.

Local Motion Studios is an amazing gym located above Planet Organic in Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth. Its classes focus on both the mind and body, and it puts emphasis on the use of the body to create a powerful and challenging workout. It focuses on body weight sequences, gymnastic strength and natural movement, and will teach you to understand, use and strengthen your body in new and enjoyable ways. Simon Stratton, founder of Local Motion, described it beautifully as “the paleo of fitness”.



The great thing about all of the classes on offer is that they’re open to all abilities. If you’re a complete beginner, you don’t need to feel intimidated as the teachers offer various adaptations depending on your level, and classes are often mixed in terms of ability. It’s all about challenging and enjoying yourself, and measuring your own progress- not comparing yourself to others.
Local Motion Studios offers a wide range of classes, and will appeal to both women and men alike. From energising yoga classes to more intense options such as calisthenics (a chance to give the gymnastic rings a go!), there is something for everyone. Personal training sessions, weight-lifting sessions and even classes that are run outside of the actual studio (such as Parkour and the running club) are also available.

Another bonus is its location- with Planet Organic just downstairs, you’ll be able to refuel with something healthy and delicious after your session. I really look forward to completing a class at Local Motion and then rewarding myself with a nourishing meal or snack from Planet Organic!

Local Motion has truly changed the way I view exercise. In using and listening to my body more, I feel much more connected to it. Many of the classes at Local Motion Studios, such as FlowFit (a class based on Capoeira, strength and flexibility) incorporate animalistic and playful movements, which are really interesting and fun, and I forget that I’m doing ‘exercise’ because it feels like so much more than that.
I really enjoy swinging across the monkey bars and scaling the ropes that hang from the ceiling, and it’s just an added bonus that it’s a great full-body workout too. I really like the way that Simon views it- he no longer uses the word ‘exercise’ but instead focuses on his ‘practice’. Not only does this make it seem less scary and less compulsory, it also reminds us of its benefits for the mind and our abilities to improve at what we do. It’s something to look forward to, rather than excuse our way out of.


Finally, Local Motion have an amazing introductory offer £20 for 20 days, so you’ll be able to trial all of the classes before you decide on which membership pack you want to grab..

As a special Christmas offer, they’re also offering 25% off any drop-in classes; just enter XMAS2015 at the checkout.

You can check out a bit more information about each class and have a look at the timetable here.



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