My Top 10 Fitness Essentials

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share a few of the things I consider essential (or just love) to my fitness and enjoyment. I’ve linked every item straight to their sites to save you the effort in case you want to buy anything. Please feel free to comment below to share any items you find essential or think should be included. I hope you enjoy it!

PLEASE NOTE: All photos belong to the brands they are linked to. I’d also just like to mention that I am not being sponsored by any of these brands, this is just an honest post to show you some of my favourite fitness possessions.

1.) Tara Stiles ‘This is Yoga’ DVD box set
Tara is the woman who got me into yoga in the first place, and after doing a few of her shorter sessions on YouTube, I bought this DVD. Once I’d started I loved it, but I was amazed at how challenging yoga can be. . This box set contains 4 DVDs with a range of yoga sessions, including both relaxing and more challenging ones, with options for beginners. By regularly doing the sessions on this DVD (in my living room!) I really helped to build up my strength and quickly increased my flexibility. Whenever I can’t make it to a class, or I want someone to guide me through some yoga, this is the DVD I put on – I can’t recommend it more, I love it!

2.) Yoga mat
If you’re going to buy the DVD or if you just want to practise at home, you’re going to need a mat. I like this one from John Lewis.

3.) A micro towel
I don’t know about you, but I suffer from something called hyperhydrosis – this might sound a bit gross but it’s basically when the sweat glands in the palm of your hands produce excess sweat. In order to avoid sliding all over the floor or on my yoga mat, I lie this out on top of my yoga mat and it gives me extra grip.

4.) 8kg kettlebell
Kettlebells can give you an amazing workout, their unequal distribution of weight makes it more challenging for your body than dumbells, and will not only help you to build up your strength and become more toned, but it will also get your heart pounding. I use an 8kg kettlebell which I like to incorporate into circuit and my favourite move is the hand swap-swing! Make sure you find out how to use it safely and properly, as it can be easy to injure yourself if you don’t have good technique.

5.) A stopwatch
A stopwatch is just one of those useful things. If I’m holding plank for 1 minute and I’m counting the seconds, chances are I’ll speed up my seconds. The watch doesn’t lie. It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive watch either – I use this one. It tells you the date and time, it has an alarm and it acts as a stopwatch – what more do you need?

6.) Sports leggings
I get most of mine from H&M, as well as sports bras, as they’re fashionable and affordable. I like these ones!

7.) Gym bag
Ideally you’ll want somewhere to store all your clothes, accessories, toiletries etc, especially if you normally head to the gym on your way to work. This gym backpack from H&M is high on my wishlist!

8.) Sports bra
I don’t think I need to explain the importance of this, it’s fairly self-explanatory… I love to pick out stylish sports bras – this one matches the sports leggings, and I’m a sucker for matching gym wear!

9.) Trainers
Duh. I know barefoot running is quite popular at the moment, but running in London can be quite hazardous and with limited support your feet and knees can take quite a pounding from all the concrete and hard pavements. I like these Nike trainers as they’re great all-rounders, so I wear them for training and running.

10.) Pre or post-workout fuel
I’m sure you’re all aware of the importance of refuelling your body after exercise, my favourite way is with one of my top 2 smoothies – my Choconut Smoothie, or my Healthy “Nutella” Smoothie.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

Lauren x



  1. Jordan
    18th June 2017 / 1:08 pm

    Hey I’m just curious how you schedule your workouts? Like when you do strength, running, yoga and hiit

    • Lauren
      18th June 2017 / 6:35 pm

      Hey! My routine is quite flexible, so it’s different every week depending on what I have on, and the number of sessions I do also varies depending on how busy I am, but ideally I like to do at least 2 HIIT sessions, one for lower body and one for upper body. I tend to have a ‘cardio + core’ day midweek where I run, including sprints (so a bit of HIIT there too!) and finish off with an abs session. I usually have 1-2 longer weight-based sessions, one for lower and one for upper body, which I also like to finish off with some cardio – usually a short run/sprints. I don’t always do yoga every week, but I do try to as it’s so good for me! I like doing it on the days where I feel more tired or in need of something gentle, usually a Sunday for me. I never train the same body part two days in a row, so I alternate my leg days with upper body or cardio days. Hope this answers your question! X

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