Easter: My Top 10 Chocolate Choices

Easter is only days away, and I’m very excited to be spending time with family and hunting for chocolate! I recently got asked what kind of chocolate I eat, so I thought I’d share my top 10 favourite raw chocolate bars. Raw chocolate hasn’t undergone any heat treatment so it contains more nutrients, and it’s free from refined sugars, which also boosts the nutrition content. They’re also free from dairy and suitable for vegans.

My mum always presents them beautifully; she chooses a pretty mug and fills it with chocolate for us to find on Easter Sunday. (Yes, we do have a shelf in our kitchen crammed with mugs that we refuse to get rid of).

I’ve also linked each recommendation to the product, so you can go and check them out!

Note: All photos belong to the mentioned brands.


1.) Ombar 90%

Dark raw chocolate containing heart-loving antioxidants and less sugar than chocolate with a lower cocoa percentage – absolutely delicious.

2.) Ombar Coco Mylk

Smooth, sweet and creamy chocolate that tastes way better than your average milk chocolate bar!

3.) Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry + Vanilla Raw Chocolate

I love the contrast of the sour cherries and the sweetness of the chocolate and vanilla.

4.) Pana Chocolate Orange Raw Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with this combination! Pana Chocolate bars also have an amazing mousse-like consistency.

5.) IQ Ginger + Ginseng Yogi Raw Chocolate

A delicious raw chocolate bar full of antioxidants and immune-boosting ginger, and sweetened with coconut sugar. It’s available in store at Planet Organic, but not online.


6.) Loving Earth Salted Caramel Raw Chocolate

Loving Earth has just made its way to England all the way from Australia, and thank goodness it has! I love this flavour, but they have a great range of colourfully-wrapped flavours.


7.) LoveChock Mulberry and Vanilla Raw Chocolate

This chocolate bar has a harder consistency than the other brands, and is less sweet, and quite dark. The vanilla and mulberries sweeten it slightly, and add a lovely texture.

8.) Raw Halo Sour Cherry + Almond Dark Chocolate

You will feel like you’ve just found the golden ticket with Raw Halo! Not only is their raw chocolate delicious, but they’re beautifully wrapped in rose-gold foil and a pretty label. This flavour is one of my favourites.

9.) Conscious Mint Hint Raw Chocolate

Mint and chocolate is a combination that I have always loved. My favourite ice cream was always mint choc chip (it still is, but now I satisfy my cravings with the incredible Oppo ice cream).

10.) Lindt 90% (very) dark chocolate

Not raw, but very dark and very low in sugar. Too bitter for some, but tastebuds adjust very quickly. I once found it bitter, but now it’s perfectly sweet. And with only 1g sugar per 2 squares, I enjoy a bit on a daily basis.


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