Restaurant Review: Farmacy

As my exams are finally over (yay!) I’ve decided to work my way through as many of the healthy hotspots that London has to offer as I can. Today I headed over to Farmacy in Notting Hill for lunch with my lovely friend Thais. Although the pictures and menus of the food I’d seen had looked great, I was looking forward to trying it myself, and Farmacy certainly did not disappoint.


The moment we stepped inside, I instantly loved the décor of the café – real plants decorating the windows and walls, beautiful wall hangings, fairy lights and wooden themes. It’s a beautiful space that reflects the idea of natural and plant-based food. Despite becoming increasingly busy over the lunch period, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, always making sure that our cucumber and citrus-infused water was topped up, and the atmosphere was warm and buzzing. The menu itself had plenty of choice – the food on offer is vegetarian, mostly vegan, but there are options like eggs available.




Thais and I both chose one of the Earth Bowls. Thais went for the Middle East Super Bowl containing steamed buckwheat, baba ganoush, spirulina hummus, sprouted quinoa tabbouleh and sweet potato falafel topped with activated seeds & sprouts. She seemed to enjoy it and I can confirm that from the mouthful I tried, not only did it look beautiful, but it was also very tasty.


I chose the Macro Bowl, containing activated quinoa, avocado, seaweed, sauerkraut, steamed seasonal greens and purple sweet potato with a sesame ginger dressing. I really enjoyed this – the colours were gorgeous and I thought it was really delicious.


When it came to dessert, the choice seemed obvious. Everything sounded delicious, but from the photos and descriptions that I’d seen, the Nice Cream Brownie Sundae stood out the most. When it arrived, my only concern was being able to finish it (don’t worry, I did). With layers of chocolate brownie, vegan vanilla and caramel ‘nice cream’ and custard, strawberries, cacao nibs and homemade maca and date caramel, I can honestly say it was incredible. Although free from refined sugars and gluten, you would never have known that it was a healthy dessert alternative. Creamy and sweet, this is a dessert that is definitely worth returning for.





I would completely recommend this place, so if you’re in London, make sure you pay it a visit! I definitely plan on returning soon.

Lauren x


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