Review: Digme Fitness

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the new Digme Fitness spinning studio in Richmond. First I was shown around and I loved the interiors – everything is so shiny and new! The lockers are great (no padlocks needed), and the toilets and showers are on another level. I mean, how many changing rooms have Dyson hairdryers and GHD hair straighteners?! I didn’t get a chance to shower there but if I return, which I certainly hope to, I will make sure to use them!

The spinning studio itself is incredible – I have never seen such sleek and modern bikes before. Easy to adjust and with a gear lever rather than a handle, it’s the most efficient spinning experience I’ve ever had. The screen on your bike tells you your power, estimated calories burned, your gear level and can also track your heart rate. The neon flashing lights and loud music give it a nightclub theme and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Fitness should be fun, right? No one should have to dread a workout!

But here’s the twist which makes Digme a more unique spinning studio; the workout has a gaming concept, so you’re faced with a large screen where you can watch a virtual race and follow your avatar as it cycles along a scenic route. Each bike has a number and you are able to race against the others by following it on the screen. The screens can also show how hard you’re working and this slightly competitive aspect of the workout definitely made me push myself harder. At one point the instructor Dan Little, Head of Fitness at Digme, split us into three groups and we raced against each other. The result = a lot of sweat. If only all video games were so good for us.

Having stretched out our burning muscles, we left the studio dripping with sweat and were met with cold smoothies and goody bags, featuring a few of my favourite brands (Bounce and Pip & Nut, I’m looking at you).

The staff are friendly and helpful, the ride itself is fun and, I think I may have already mentioned it but, you will be very sweaty. Any photos should be taken pre-spin, as Jade and I discovered. It was lovely to meet Jade and Christina in real life (not just on Instagram!) and thank you to the whole Digme team for such a fun event. I’d definitely recommend paying them a visit and I hope to be back soon.

Lauren x




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  1. Geoff Bamber
    2nd February 2018 / 11:37 pm

    Thanks Lauren! You should come and visit some of our other new studios around London too- Moorgate, Blackfriars and soon to be arriving in Rathbone Square! Check out the details at Thanks again! Geoff

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