Review: Crobars & Crazy for Crickets

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been an increasing number of insects appearing on the shelves of health food stores recently – I’m not talking about the kind you want to squash, I’m talking about the kind you want to eat. I have been curious about the idea of eating insects for a long time – although our initial response tends to be one of disgust, think about it – we eat creatures like shrimps and crabs, and that’s not so different!

So when Gathr foods offered to send me their new Crobar snack bars in their two new flavours, Coffee & Vanilla and Raspberry & Cacao, I was very excited to try them. What makes Crobars slightly more unusual compared to your average snack bar is that they contain a special ingredient – cricket flour.

First things first, why eat crickets? Eating insects actually makes perfect sense. To give you a few examples, crickets contain more protein and less fat than beef per gram, they contain all 9 essential amino acids, which are necessary for our growth and development, and their production emits far less carbon dioxide than cattle-rearing, making them much more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Cricket flour also contains an impressive 65- 75% of high quality protein and just 10g contains your daily dose of Vitamin B12. You can find out more reasons why you should be eating crickets here.

If, like me, for some irrational reason you can’t face eating the insect in its actual form, then Gathr’s natural products are perfect for you. The bars are made from a blend of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, natural flavourings and of course, the crucial ingredient; cricket flour. As they use cricket flour (basically ground-up crickets) combined with these natural ingredients, you can happily munch on your cricket bar without the unwelcome vision of an insect. Crobars are also free from refined sugars, gluten, and dairy.

Now for the verdict: you’ll be pleased to know that the Crobars were delicious. If you’re worried about not liking the taste of insects, fear not – if I gave a bar to someone who was unaware of the cricket content, I can guarantee they would have no idea that it contained ‘insect dust’. Furthermore, Crobars are made with organic roasted cricket flour from crickets that have been fed a diet of organic nuts, seeds and fruits, so apparently they have a pleasant, nutty taste (although as there are nuts and seeds in both bars I wouldn’t have been able to tell) and the taste and texture of the bars is nice: chewy, sweet and crunchy.

With around 4.5g of protein per 30g bar, they’re a little lower in protein than your average protein bar but they’re also smaller (30g) and their protein content percentage  is quite high. For example, 100 calories of cricket contains 15g protein compared to 11g protein for 100 calories of beef.

I really liked both of the flavours; they’re well-matched combinations. I did think that the coffee and vanilla flavour tasted more like cacao and vanilla, but nonetheless it was delicious. My favourite was the cacao and raspberry flavour, and they both made the perfect mid-morning snack.

I enjoyed mine in several ways; on its own as a bar, chopped up and served with chia pudding or yoghurt for a snack, and, of course, dipped in peanut butter because that’s just what I do with most of my snacks.

Crobars are a very tasty and nutritious snack, and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a more ethical source of protein, or for a new snack to try. Or, if you fancy making your own protein bars/balls, why not try using their cricket flour instead of your usual protein powder for a change?

You can find out more about Gathr’s products here.


Note: These products were supplied to me for free but this review and my opinions are entirely honest.


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