Turmeric Latte

I had an amazing week recently – I was full of motivation and energy, loved all of my training sessions and was really enjoying myself. However, as I have come to learn over time, such periods of great energy and motivation are often followed by a crash.

An obvious example is Christmas time – everyone seems to be working flat out, stressing about presents and preparing for the big day non-stop, right up until they’re on holiday. And of course, as soon as they stop, slow down and prepare to relax, they get ill. Typical, huh?

Unfortunately, towards the end of my wonderful week, I started to show symptoms such as the classic sore throat, fatigue, cough, headache, temperature and runny nose. As my goblet cells became a little too generous (a little bit of A level Biology thrown in here to make me feel as though I’m revising) and the mucus started to flow (sorry) I turned to some nourishing home comforts to make me feel better. I started with the classic hot water infused with fresh ginger, lemon juice and turmeric. By mid-morning, I was craving something similar but more soothing, so I decided to come up with my own recipe for a Turmeric Latte, otherwise known as ‘Golden Mylk’, although the latter sounds a little too  cliché for my liking.

Matcha lattes hit the menus of health-conscious cafés long ago, but never really called out to me. But when turmeric lattes came along, well….I first tried Planet Organic’s delicious turmeric latte (made with Rude Health brown rice milk) which I failed to replicate – until now.

This is the ultimate make-me-better drink, it just feels as if it’s doing you good, placebo effect or not. The spices are warming, sweet and comforting, while the honey soothes a sore throat easily. The benefits of turmeric are also pretty amazing – check them out here. Best served when wearing snuggly socks and a dressing gown and enjoyed in bed.

Happy sipping/sore-throat-soothing!





Serves 1


  • 300ml of your preferred milk – I used Halo Coco coconut vanilla milk, but I also like Rude Health’s brown rice milk which is naturally sweet. I love the vanilla flavour of this coconut milk, so if you can’t get your hands on this particular brand, then try adding a pinch of vanilla powder or a few drops of vanilla extract.
  • 1tsp ground turmeric
  • 1tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2tsp ground ginger
  • 1/2tsp cacao powder
  • 1tsp honey
  • Pinch of black pepper (aids the absorption of curcumin, an anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric)



1.) Blend all of the ingredients together (I did this in my nutribullet) as this makes the mylk all frothy. (If you don’t have a blender, just stir them all together, it will just be less frothy).

2.) Pour into a saucepan and gently warm through- don’t boil.

3.) There is often a thick spice-paste which comes at the bottom of the drink – I find this adds more flavour as I’m drinking it, but for a completely smooth drink, strain the liquid through a sieve.

4.) Pour into a mug, pop some snuggly socks on and enjoy!

Lauren x




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  1. Phillip Morris
    27th June 2019 / 1:12 pm

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