Banana & Berry Protein Pancake


I am 100% a savoury breakfast kind of girl. My loyalty lies with veggies and eggs when it comes to starting my day, but very occasionally I fancy something sweet.

I originally called it a crêpe, which sounds fancier and I think it looks more like one rather than a pancake, but ‘protein pancake’ is an alliteration, and I always love a nice-sounding English language technique, so I’m going with that. This recipe is incredibly indulgent tasting, and it’s high in protein and contains slow-releasing carbs, which makes it filling, and most importantly, it tastes amazing.

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Serves 1



1/2tsp coconut oil

2 eggs

50ml of your preferred milk (I used almond)

1 banana, mashed

1tsp ground cinnamon

25g raspberries

25g blueberries

50-100g Skyr or Greek yoghurt, mixed with cinnamon, to serve

10g nut butter (I used Pip & Nut peanut butter)

Jam (optional, but recommended – I used St Dalfour’s naturally fruit-sweetened raspberry jam)



1.) Beat the eggs, cinnamon and almond milk, and mix in the mashed banana. For a smoother mixture, add these 3 ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth (I’m just lazy and don’t want to wash up my blender).

2.) Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan, tilting the pan to spread the oil around.

3.) Pour the mixture into the ban until the base is fully covered.

4.) Sprinkle over the berries and leave to cook for a few minutes, using a spatula to go around the edges of the pan to prevent it from sticking.

5.) This part is up to you – you can take a risk and flip it, or you can cheat like I did and pop it under the grill (I used the highest setting) for a few minutes until the surface of the pancake is no longer runny.

6.) Flip the pancake out onto a plate, add your toppings, roll it up and devour.



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