I am a dark chocolate fiend. I can’t go without having a bit of chocolate each day. Also, dessert is unlikely to fully satisfy me unless it has a chocolate element to it. I came up with the recipe for these brownies when, in a desperate bid to escape from the long and lengthy process of preparing for the exam I had the next day, I decided to experiment in the kitchen.

Now, I will start by saying that these are not like a ‘real’ brownie. I won’t lie to you; if you’re hoping you’ll be able to eat this and mistake it for the real deal, then you may well be disappointed. If a realistic yet ever-so-slightly more nutritious version is what you’re looking for then you’d be better off giving my Fudgy Chocolate Brownies or my Vegan Chocolate Brownie Pudding a go.

But, let’s not be hasty – I don’t want you to write these bad boys off. I had never tried sweet potato brownies before, so when I found myself with an excess of sweet potatoes, I baked them up and transformed them into these squidge-y chocolate-y squares. Did my flatmates think I was a little bit weird? Yes. Did I care? No because these were worth the weird looks.

I shared the recipe over on my Instagram but thought I’d also pop it on here just in case you’re not a fan of the ‘Gram.


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