Hi everyone I hope you’re all staying safe. I’ve decided to use my spare time during lockdown to re-vamp this blog. Most of my long-term subscribers will know that this blog was once mainly a… View Post

This has got to be my latest lunch craze – a pizza that’s good for you and takes very little time to make! I used to have these all the time when I was little… View Post

I am a dark chocolate fiend. I can’t go without having a bit of chocolate each day. Also, dessert is unlikely to fully satisfy me unless it has a chocolate element to it. I came… View Post

I don’t know if this is technically a curry or dahl but I’m not too bothered about it because it’s delicious. I like to serve mine with brown rice and a dollop of Skyr, but… View Post

This blog post is going to be on a topic which keeps coming up and, in my opinion, is a fairly important one. I’m going to be addressing the issue of what you should be… View Post