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||PARK BENCH WORKOUT|| ~ I had such a fun afternoon with @beingella – It was a beautiful day so instead of working out inside a gym we decided to use the park, specifically a bench. This can be done individually but we did this as a PARTNER workout (obviously someone had to film!) We took turns doing each exercise on the bench, and while one of us was using the bench, the other skipped πŸ’¦ Working out in a gym is great and of course there's more access to equipment, but it has nothing on working out in the afternoon sun with a nice breeze by the river! β˜€οΈThanks so much Ella for being my camera lady and workout partner! πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž Give this workout a go: ~ 1.) Declining cross-body mountain climbers x 20 β€’ 2.) Declining press-ups (if you can't do these, have a go at the inclining variations that I've demonstrated in the video) x 15 β€’ 3.) Tricep dips x 15 β€’ 4.) Bench squat jumps x 15 (land in a squat both ways if you can!) β€’ 5.) Step up + knee raise (x 15 per side) β€’ 6.) Single leg squat + elbow to knee rotation (x 15 per side) β€’ 7.) Bulgarian split squats (x 15 per side) – add a pulse if you want to! β€’ 8.) Glute bridges x 15 (add a resistance band to make it more challenging) β€’ Skip whilst your partner is completing their reps for each exercise (or do 40s skipping intervals if you're on your own) Do 2 rounds, 3 if you want more! Try single leg skipping (without the double bounce to feel the burn!) πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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