Hi everyone I hope you’re all staying safe. I’ve decided to use my spare time during lockdown to re-vamp this blog. Most of my long-term subscribers will know that this blog was once mainly a… View Post

This blog post is going to be on a topic which keeps coming up and, in my opinion, is a fairly important one. I’m going to be addressing the issue of what you should be… View Post

Dark chocolate is my weakness. It’s no secret. I have to end my day with something chocolatey, whether it’s a couple of squares of Lindt, a scoop of chocolate ice cream or a drizzle of… View Post

  Fishfingers; they’re more than just the staple freezer item. They’re a timeless, comforting classic that make for an easy Friday night supper, sometimes sandwiched between two thick slices of bread and slathered in ketchup,… View Post

I had an amazing week recently – I was full of motivation and energy, loved all of my training sessions and was really enjoying myself. However, as I have come to learn over time, such… View Post