You may have realised by now that I have a habit of sneaking vegetables into as much as I can, especially my porridge bowls! I also seem to have developed a habit of creating various… View Post

As I’ve said before, I go through breakfast phases, and at the moment it’s this one. ‘Zoats’ (zucchini-oats) are not a particularly new concept, but they are a great one. It’s an absolutely ingenious way… View Post

Savoury porridge is very popular in Asian countries, but is mostly made with rice. I like this version because oats take much less time to cook than rice, so I can make a quick breakfast. This… View Post

As someone who loves eggs and (being half-Scottish) loves her porridge, I decided to create my own savoury porridge. I love this combination and it also gives me the protein and energy I need to get through a… View Post