This is probably my favourite meal – I absolutely love salmon. The Asian-inspired flavours go beautifully with salmon and, when combined with gooey sweet potato wedges and plenty of veggies, it’s simply delicious.

 Yes, you’re right. Peanut butter is one of my favourite ingredients. Also, if you don’t like peanut butter, you’re wrong. This is one of my favourite fast and easy recipes, and I think I must… View Post

Breakfast is such a wonderful meal, and I am particularly partial to big bowls of porridge during colder weather. This grain-free porridge is creamy and warming, and the almond extract gives it a slight marzipan… View Post

I only realised the other day, that despite being a meat-eater, I have no recipes on my blog that include red meat. Although I don’t actually eat it that often as I prefer fish and chicken,… View Post

This is a really simple recipe which everyone should know about. It’s such a delicious and healthy topping  which goes well with porridge and with Greek natural or coconut yoghurt. Although quite autumnal, this recipe… View Post