As everyone knows, Ketchup is loaded with sugar. It also gets slathered onto everything- I still remember my parents’ (rightful) frustration when Little Me demanded ketchup to go with pesto pasta, or even on a… View Post

I made this the other day for my first ever lunch party and it actually just came about by (literally) mashing together the ingredients. There are so many variations, but this one only requires 3 ingredients… View Post

This is one of my favourite recipes that my mum makes for us – I love the combination of crunchy peanut butter with chicken and the contrastingly cooling fresh salsa.  Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 skinless… View Post

Shop-bought tomato sauces often contain refined sugars, so I make my own and pack it with as many veggies as I can. I use balsamic vinegar, onions and carrots to naturally sweeten the sauce and… View Post