Yes, I have actually managed to squeeze 2 vegetables into my low-sugar  ‘sweet’ porridge! After trying ‘zoats’ recently, I’ve never gone back to ordinary porridge- I’m addicted. As I’ve said before, you really can’t taste… View Post

This salad is so simple and easy that I can’t really call it a recipe, but I had to share the combination with you as it’s delicious and takes about 5 minutes to make- great for… View Post

I only realised the other day, that despite being a meat-eater, I have no recipes on my blog that include red meat. Although I don’t actually eat it that often as I prefer fish and chicken,… View Post

This Asian-inspired salad has an amazing combination of flavours, and the Sesame Miso dressing will help to boost digestion. As “Courgetti” has been in the limelight for so long now, I thought maybe I should… View Post

This is a delicious recipe that is so easy and quick to make, and would still be a great dish to serve to guests. It’s a really light meal, so it won’t leave you feeling heavy… View Post